Head of Sales

Job description

While this is a remote position, we are currently only considering candidates between UTC-1 to UTC +2.

What is Landbot?

Landbot is a no-code chatbot builder that empowers non-technical users to automate business processes with conversational experiences. COVID19 is accelerating digitalization at both the consumer and the enterprise level, the adoption of messaging channels like WhatsApp or FB messenger, therefore, is skyrocketing.

In this context, Landbot is providing a much-needed solution to the market. Landbot offers an intuitive no-code conversational apps builder that brings the benefits of a conversational interface with rich UI elements while automating advanced data workflows. As such, the solution addresses business needs through the powerful combination of two-way communication and process automation. In a nutshell, Landbot optimizes every stage of the customer journey from lead generation to customer support across all communication channels - natively supporting email, live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS - all this without a requirement for coding skills to utilize the platform. The solution also lends itself to a much wider range of use cases.

What’s the opportunity?

So far, Landbot’s growth has been essentially product-led. The customer base is predominantly skewed towards SMBs - often under 50 employees. In the meantime, Landbot is seeing a rise in its success and adoption with mid-market customers - businesses with c.50 to 1,000 employees. Accelerating penetration in this mid-market segment and a gradual move upmarket towards enterprise customers are top priorities for Landbot as the business enters its next phase of growth.

As the ideal candidate, you are someone that has experience building a Sales team from scratch and makes the sales process repeatable. You are comfortable selling a product from a relatively unknown vendor in a competitive environment.

You will have the autonomy to work with the Sales team on commercial strategy and execution. Furthermore, you will be responsible for establishing a collaborative work environment. You will be able to design and implement repeatable and scalable sales playbooks.

What are your responsibilities?

  • Supporting reps on their current deals. Helping your sales team close deals. Working and closing key deals with them. Spotting issues before they blow up. Seeing opportunities ahead of the horizon. In general, make sure your 3 reports, then 10 reports, then 30 direct and indirect reports work as effectively and efficiently as they can.
  • Optimizing the sales process and tactics. You should be tweaking the sales process: Creating sales scripts, email templates, and reusable demo agendas; perfecting the stages of the sales process; understanding which features speak to which prospects; writing the product roadmap with Engineering, and more.
  • Originating and closing deals yourself - while being cautious not to let this tale too much of your time at the expense of other activities, you will be leading by example and will identify some top prospects to target and you will directly close some flagship deals with enterprise clients.
  • Defining the sales strategy. You will know how and when to focus on the big picture. You will develop a sales strategy that will result in a substantial increase in average deal size for Landbot. Who do we need to talk to within an organization to close a deal? Which verticals or industries should it target next? What’s the most effective way to spend the company’s budget?
  • Recruiting. This will likely take over 20% of your time. You will play a very hand-on role in building the team - ranging from searching for potential hires on LinkedIn, taking recruits to coffee or connecting with them online, leveraging your network to bring in strong and suitable candidates, interviewing and closing them. To scale, Landbot will need a lot of “human power” and you will play a central role in acquiring this talent for the business and successfully onboarding new hires.

Job requirements

What skills do you need?

  • Demonstrable experience developing and executing sales process for B2B SaaS in a competitive market from $0-$10M ARR stage.
  • Hired and managed teams of 3-10 quota-carrying sales reps.
  • Extensive knowledge about SMB and Mid-market companies selling software products at $x.000 - $xx.000 per year.
  • Experience with modern Sales tech stack: CRM, Sales enablement, Sales automation tools.
  • You are organized and self-motivated with the ability to define goals and prioritize your work;
  • Strong analytical and communication skills. You are comfortable with data and analytics, and you can clearly communicate your results and ideas.
  • Fluent -verbal and written- in English and Spanish, other languages are a plus.
  • Bonus:
    • Experience in selling automation, AI/ML solutions.
    • Worked with PLG model
    • Managed SDR team